Time passage

A thought or two thousand swirl into the vortex

images from yesterday return to view unexpectedly

and I laugh as the train derails into itself

suspended between years and minutes

as a song plays somewhere within the walls

and I move about the lines of linen

observing the instance of a bird who decorates

with bathroom love on the clean sheets

I laugh and shake my head

silly universe I think I said

aloud to the cloud who lingered

curtailing the sun and its warmth

I shook it out.

James sings with his baby face and the cat who is no longer stares

and I feel the sadness for a moment at the passing

yet know I too someday shall pass that way,

and its okay as my mind carries on

its endless parade of images and songs

I sing along for a moment and change the channel

to lighter fare

wondering why I had gone there

and summer days when twelve

as the islands filled the evening with the scent

of campfires and a marriage at twelve

to the boy down the path,

wondering where he is now

and Jack and Diane had played

and life was easy and carefree

and time was just something we knew

as something to note,

to come in to sleep and eat

the rest up to us to pursue

in endless games and swimming with snakes

that slipped in cracks in the rocks.

Perhaps it was the laundry, as I traipsed about

toes uncovered I always watch for moving things

and the wind that blew the sheet into my face

where I saw the smudged gift

that took me back in the mind machine of time

for a small fee of a smile

and a tune in my head

that won’t quite stop.

A dog’s tale of Christmas spirit

You know I love dogs, and a heartwarming dog story….an early Christmas present, albeit a little longer than things I normally put on my blog but i’m in love with this story, an amazing write from Sandysays1, Enjoy my friends, K ❤

Sandysays' Weblog

As is my custom, I like to present my readers with a canine crafted Christmas story this time of year. This is a new one.

The Geezer and I wish you all a very "Merry Christmas" The Geezer and I wish you all a very “Merry Christmas”

I watched the dog from my apartment window. The first time I noticed him was when I was eating lunch one Saturday. It was a blustery December day, cold, dreary … the type day best served by fireplaces, sofas with blankets, hot chocolate, and football games on the TV … not being outdoors. My apartment building adjoins the park where I saw him; that park’s lively April through October, but is as still as a mortuary in the cold Midwestern winter.

The dog was by himself, his actions rather strange for he chose to sit by an isolated park bench away from the access sidewalks that criss-cross the facility. Immobile as a statue, he faced into…

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