We look towards tomorrow

fresh eyes and a hopeful heart

treading the path we set for ourselves,

leaving the yesterdays behind us

for deep within we know that it is back there somewhere

and not a part of what lies beyond,

we tread and spread our lights into darkness

through the days we encounter

each stepping stone a lesson,

each thought a dream in waiting

to become.

Time passes as it shall

and we will move to our beat

one tick tock thump at a time

creating our vision of self

being the life of our party within

and loving that which we are.

We ponder what we would change

waiting for a day to begin

yet knowing that now is that time

to take that new path we know is waiting,

beneath the star filled sky

we reach out to touch it all,

to be a part of that which we crave

in our contented peace

we are embraced by the coming

of a new day.

Silver orb large or small,

we know it will be there

like the thoughts we know will surface

like ripples on the ponds of our lives,

we gaze into the movement

wondering at times how we made it this far,

and realizing that in a way

we’ve only just begun.

This journey keeps evolving

and our lives like the world keep turning,

so we spin in childish ecstasy,

thrilled with the feeling

of just being alive in this moment.