Dancing with the moon

I stood before them

hundreds moving softly in clear water

endlessly dancing on emptiness

the moon jellies calling me to become

part of the dance

and I swayed back and forth

lost for a few moments in their movement,

swept into a place of such peace

no words could ever say

as we moved back and forth

bouncing off of one and another

this sacred moment of splendor

taking me away into a sphere of all.

Something in their softness

clear with a marking illuminating the glass

and I reached out to touch

to become one in that instant

as I felt them swaying towards my hand

I lightly touched down as if to say

I feel you through for we are simple

yet so very complex

and the dance moved away leaving me wondering

how I had come to be among them

connected in a room of strangers

yet apart in our union of dance.



We catch the stars like fireflies

caught in jars of our mind,

flickering against glass

and the tiny points of lights

left as a memory

to remind us of something we knew,

that we had tried to capture

often best zipping across the landscape

of the night sky so high.

We watch in awe as days pass us by

feeling so small in the depths of it all

and the moon lingers come dawn

hanging on long enough to touch the rays of sun

and we look away for a moment

returning to find it now gone

sitting on hillsides in our memories

the peace of the darkness lulls us forward

to dream once more of days of tomorrow

and new years to wait on

as the clock winds perpetually on

in our cosmic mind swirl of bliss

we settle in and become one

with this moment

and eager still for the next to come.

All is calm

Drifting through the maze of colors

dreams seek to squeeze the excess thoughts away

like fresh oranges and maple tree syrup,

I feel it all falling away softly

like a quiet rain,

drop by precious drop into parched soil,

I fill myself with all.

Water surrounds me

and shells of every color glint in the sun

and somewhere skies are painted

with the beauty of a creators precision hand,

dotted with the stars of a calm night.

I stand with the space around me,

boundaries of what brings me peace firmly in place,

the silence fills the air and I drift away to that sacred soil

where everything is all

and nothing at the same time.

I come here to greet the dream

knowing with each tomorrow

there will be a thousand more

for I float on those painted clouds

adrift in my mind rocking slowly

back and forth

I slip into the silence

and float away.

Wishing you a calm and peaceful Christmas Eve and a prayer that peace finds this world for a long time, a girl can dream and I shall, sending love and hope for a new and beautiful tomorrow. Merry Christmas one and all. Kim