3 years…

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

You registered on WordPress.com 3 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

I saw this last night but couldn’t figure out how to share it, 3 years and some things I still need to learn, will add it to the new years resolutions that I didn’t make, ha! For some reason, keep singing the song from the Flintstones…happy anniversary. I look forward to the new year ahead and more writing from the heart and soul and thank you to all for sticking with me this far. We’ve come along way baby!

18 thoughts on “3 years…

  1. Happy Crab cakes, and anniversary. You have permission to root for the Giants
    I am not a big fan of FB and will be spending MUCH more time writing & submitting short stories & poems. Also finishing a manuscript or two. So I understand completely. Enjoy you & the Hub’s special day.

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  2. oh my you’re being bad today! A football snacking, laundry hanging, email catch up kind of day….oh, and anniversary and a new year, and the last sorry Bills game of the year 🙂 are we having fun yet? Hubs is making up crab cakes as we speak…mmmmm….gonna be another great day. Going of FB for an extended period, part of the resolutions…lets see how long it lasts…more time for writing and getting serious, but will check messenger, and you have my email too sweets ❤

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