Faded into new

Had we but known

as the breath of life slipped away

leaving faded remnants of our former glory,

raw sienna and yellow ochre dying bits

we fell to earth

becoming something other

than what we had always been.

We glided down gently over time

into this lulling wispy dance

etched on water our reflection

we quietly landed unseen,

unheard by all but the universe itself,

we floated forward to destiny.

What were we to become?

we may have thought,

if we gave it any at that point,

spending time wondering at our significance

here and now we held tight

and moved with the grace of time

into new awaking moments.

Turning round curves in life’s stream of circumstance,

sometimes fast like meteors rushing past

and sometimes just laying almost still

watching the clouds above

we ended in a place

gathered together to fade into earth,

we became the next step

as progress and seasons moved past,

our souls reaching to begin again

sheltering the roots anchored deep

in the silt of time we had become a part of,

endless circles of life forever.

6 thoughts on “Faded into new

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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