Movement in thought

Motion through minutes passing
seconds into minutes into hours
moving into days and forever,
the feel of tightness slipping away
caution of the wind blowing
the tired stress away.
Low tide of muscles sleep
as the light slowly finds us
tucked into the cotton of dreams
we emerge refreshed from darkness
to greet a year and a new day.
Machines to tell us move along
as we had sat here a bit too long
and below the winter sun
leaves blow gently greeting
each step taken
with no thought broken
by anything other than
the quiet peace of now.
Empty streets we wander
as restless feet move in anticipation
turning corners to find
no familiar faces,
no new four legged friends,
as the world woke later than we
our feet kept moving forward in speed
racing to catch the time
kept by the small keeper,
logged into bases
miles still to go
before we sleep.

Thoughts on my new Fitbit….finally downloaded on the husbands ipad and now feeling like a slacker….should have done it this am and captured the whole day….I shall call it Beulah, and she will kill me I’m sure when all is said and done….Gotta keep moving….perhaps more spoken word on walks with the recorder, hmmmm….theres a thought😊💜 peace and fitness building in 2017.