We build the strength of resolve

drop by drop forming layers

rock hard yet still an opening lays waiting,

for what is beyond the thought

of the distant dreamer

only time will tell.

Beauty stands before us

as time marches on and a piece of now

gathers energy

as the rain falls changing form

and coldness sets in to find

creatures waiting for its passing.

I know the sun so intimately

as she rises daily to greet my eyes

and though I know no matter where you are

things can be quite different,

from what you see and what I see-

somewhere within me these words are formed

like sculptures on a page

weighing down the sentences

like ice forming in paradise,

unheard of it seems

yet in my mind it can always be

all I create and all I see in my mind,

looking from within to beyond the door

perceptions of a reality,

a path waiting to be trod upon,

a poem waiting to be made temporarily

before the wind washes its essence away

leaving nothing in its wake.


7 thoughts on “Beyond

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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