Sifting through

We sift through the moments of our days

reviewing the minutes that stood strong

while the bits and pieces fall quietly away

trampled under foot forgotten.

We go through these stages

like steps through the wilderness

never knowing what may lay before us

yet eager to climb to the top,

to see the view to forever.

Distant stars and suns revolve

regardless of our wishes or dreams

and small surprises grace us

when least expected,

miracles can often remain.

The tricks of our eyes play games

as we think what we see is what we have given name

and for us it may be true,

but for another may be something foreign and new

so we capture it under our looking-glass

showing our finds to the world

with words that have settled in the dish

after the sifting is done,

what remains is what is,

not to be changed

we hold the largest essence in our heart

and call it our own.