At 17

At 17 I set thought orbs in glass jars on window sills

hoping to catch the light to add color and life to the dark marbles

endless piling up and spilling over,

rolling out and down the roof

lost in the lawn to be found by cutting blades,

mowers make hasty work of beauty,

chipped and broken I picked them up

one by one depositing them back in place

now able to fit in more as pieces take less space

when no longer whole.

At 18 I no longer needed the jar, or the light to see

through the darkness piled up for they had turned

to fine grains of sand,

each hurt, each infliction of pain

castles built of a fragile mind

tipped over to the wind and set free,

no longer serving who/what had been me,

standing in the rain with an empty jar

I caught puddles of rainbows

swirling them about I found the smile

I thought I could live without.

Reflections of things here and gone,

no longer adding debits or credits

but being at one with what was

and what would be

the essence of me no longer contained

in jars on sills

and broken marbles cut to bits,

no words to describe the ever changing tide

that I had become

moving through and over

never looking back

no longer needed to see what was left behind.

Not sure where this came from but saw the image and these words came to mind. No worries, I am a happy girl in the light. No darkness here, just talking with words from the stratosphere of the cosmic mind.

A to Z of me-slight poetic? form

I was chosen by Ivy to take part in the A to Z of me fun, as it is a new year, I don’t do awards but figured why not partake and let you all know a bit about ME 🙂 and do not feel like you have to read as I’m sure it will get a bit long-not normally me, but there’s a lot of letters to cover here so without further ado:


Ask me who I am and I will try to look inward to see

Beneath the surface so many things to tell you of

Chances are you already know from my words I spill

Delighted I am to try to unearth some more.

Elegia was one of my favorite songs, instrumental to soothe and inspire

Found solace with a broken heart to many more.

Grateful for the gifts I’ve been given, too many to count here

Happy to know Peace on many days

Idealist in form and a dreamer above all.

Just in case I lose my place, which happens more often than not,

Kim is my name and I live where the sun seems to suit my clothes and mind,

Love to write and spend time getting grounded

Maybe perhaps loves dogs a bit too much at times (smiles sheepishly)

Nocturnal no longer as age catches up, though I do love the moon and stars,

Open skies with clouds make me soar in my mind.

Particular with how I like things, de-cluttering being done of late-

Quests that I set aside often remain unfinished, working on that too.

Reality is just a word I take lightly, I’m a dreamer after all

So now you know what simmers below the surface, at least a bit.

Take heed with your words, for I leave mean people behind easily

Under their skins I know the spots never change,

Very forgiving for the most part, but don’t take advantage (see above)

When I need to escape, I’m quite the turtle at tucking in and swimming down deep.

Xtra sleep I find makes me tired, not enough makes me grumpy

Yes, I’m almost done, I think.

Zip is my alter-ego (dog of yesteryears) who still inspires infinitely.


So as you can see, I used the Alphabet and told you a little more about me. If you’d like to participate in this challenge, I’d love to see what you come up with, so please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I’ll stop on by and check yours out.