Lighten the load

She moves with steady feet

moving through the dance that is her life

carrying the load on her shoulders

and within her mind the heaviness bears down.

Sweeping the dust and setting aside

that which no longer can serve,

thousand of pounds of regret and misery

she steps away in the waltz

one two three free.

Each piece she has gathered through the years

now set aside on the path behind her

becoming smaller in her minds rear view mirror,

she turns and gazes towards a lighter day

feeling the air moving through her hair,

falling softly around her

she is beautiful in her mind now,

not heeding the words she’d always heard,

not believing the truths that dragged her down

she watches her skirt sway about her legs

as the feeling of peace washes over her,

slipping the bounds of her prison

she moves now with her head held high,

picking up speed she stretches her soul

and runs to the sun like the wind,

knowing there’s no turning back,

letting it all go

lightening the load

knowing it is just so.

Smiling as her heart beats to the drum in her mind,

dancing like leaves

wild and free,

into the setting sun and beyond

she knows which way to go.