What eyes did see

I see a touch of humor and a light here

in these eyes from so very long ago,

school aged man child-

what was it

those things you saw

that created in you the mind

that fought for many

and closing your eyes dying

while a world of people wept.

Who were his people,

not only those with the shades of skin he wore like a robe,

there were beside you those who look like me,

though I watched from afar

black and white images flickering,

still too young to know-

to be able to stand and fight

but was it his world at home in which he lived

that inspired such passion

such a noble and wise soul born

even as a seed

destined for greatness

before he could most likely read.

I wish I had known this young boy then

and later when his feet marched,

when the power of his voice shook with such conviction,

something these days so lacking-

I wonder what I would have asked,

perhaps what was it here

that made you smile as the shutter snapped

capturing a radiance

that still shines through

all these years gone by,

and have we indeed learned anything

from your wise, truth heralding words-

do we stand as you did

or do we turn and look the other way,

and what would have become

had you not slipped away

awash in a river of red

like a modern-day of his time messiah

teaching, believing, and never backing down.

Will there be another born,

or is he or she growing still-

to take up in the footprints

through word and steadfastness

walking in those shoes so large,

to become the voice

of today.