In between spaces

My mind resides in drops of moisture

translucent thoughts wispy like the wind

breezes through windows yet no relief

from the mood that surrenders my soul

to seek the peace of somewhere.

Eyes fight to open

as I move like a phantom place to place

never really here or there,

just somewhere I cannot name

a place I’ve often been.

I see the light yet fight to reach

pulling myself up from this fading moment

perhaps to lay a spell and ponder

in a dream world I shall catch

the essence of self once more.

In between spaces of light and dark

no particular reason, perhaps just a lark

of nature and energy not in sync

I ask for the intervention of fluid water

soothing as it releases drop by drop

from clouds that move sideways

unlike my inner thoughts that slide in circles

coming round to find

I stand here wondering which words to choose

to suit the mood

of a melancholy day.