We are balanced

Between our worlds of cosmic stars

and moonlit forays into the wildness that is

the essence of a life well lived

cleverly colored like magic crayons

we dot the stars with our words,

hang carefully the dreams out on the line to dry

in summer breezes we balance

the presence of the present.

Hoop wishes spinning like sweetest thoughts

drifting around to return once more

to places where we dirty our feet

treading on sacred ground of soul,

where we were born once before we knew

the elegance of a star dust show,

changes that change places with the yesterday

leading us to where the whimsy whispers

sweetest voices heard on high

hearing our plea

responding to the cry

for a place of peace and harmony

swirling around we catch the glimpse

of our future selves yet we know the mirror shows

the who and what we are now

and it is divine in its beauty,

balanced in our form

content in our skin.