Silk threads

Words slip like fine silk

teasing the mind to wonder

how far will it go.

Images drift past

soft and subtle like the cloud

falling to nothing.

Dark rooms of the mind

cast into the light of now

naked in its truth.

Eyes wide shut we speak

emptiness comes forth unheard

threads unravel here.

Curtains blow on wind

bare rooms wait for life to be

echoes void of soul.

For some reason silk kept coming to mind so thought I’d dabble a bit with haiku today. Photo found on Pinterest.

On wing

We are arriving at our destination

drifting along on star speckled backdrops

watching the clouds race beyond our view

we are coming home to self

as the descent begins

we feel the unease,

the unknown foreign to our minds, yet embraced.

For we know that as feet touch down

we will be where it is we were meant to be,

our journey once more just beginning

as we hold up the magnifying glass to see

that which had been hidden for so very long

in heavy clouds and illusions given by others,

we will thrill to the spectacle as we find

our hearts and souls embraced

by a thousand moons and suns,

dancing on the midnight blue curtain

of our dreams.

Beautiful image by: Daniela Beckmann