In soft smiles

I pluck them out one by one

petals falling to the ground

still beautiful but too far gone

one by one I lift each petal,

softly smiling as I smell their scent.

I gather the nicest of the petals in my hands,

carry them through the room to the half opened door,

the steam of the shower greets me

along with “is that you”?

and then laughingly he says,

“I’m glad you’re not a robber.”

Because he’s armed with nothing

except drops of water, a towel and a smile.

I toss the petals at his feet

decorating the bath mat with loveliness,

as he looks at me a bit bemused

but what’s a girl to do

when a hand full of beauty

is all that now remains of these stemmed wonders,

he laughs softly and I smile,

I gather them up as he stands and watches,

and the humid air hangs

like the sound of our day,

little things to make him smile,

I had no rose petals,

but the tired tulips will do,

just for you ❀

He (super hubby) told me to buy some new flowers while I was out shopping and when I returned and began pulling out the dying tulips out of the vase that had only lasted a few days, they fell apart all over the counter. I gathered the petals up and when he was coming out of the shower, scattered them at his feet with a chuckle. I think he enjoyed my fun humor, and the new flowers have now taken over in the vase. Hope they last a while longer, much cheaper too. Have fun my friends, smile, laugh and love. K

11 thoughts on “In soft smiles

  1. its always an interesting adventure. wouldn’t be so bad but the bigger dog, affectionally known as “how now brown cow” refuses to stand up and sits in the water, kind of hard to scrub her all over that way, so as I try to lift her, I get a bath too πŸ™‚

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  2. It was fun, I’m not the spontaneous type so it made it even more humorous πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed it, I got my shower later after I gave the two dogs a bath, needed it but they almost give me a drowning in the process every time πŸ™‚

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  3. We were laughing, spontaneous fun just because, and one last use of pretty petals. It’s pretty sad though, 8$ bouquet that only lasted around 3 days, my others I get always go almost a week and a half😊


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