Watercolor world

Dripping from the palette

this watercolor world slowly blending

into colors of the emotion

coming together in beautiful unison,

an artists touch of thoughts

expressed on parchment weathered,

her life unfolded through her memory

captured and hung

a moment of her life

movement bleeding from pigment.

Changes in hues of yellows to blues

roots grown in deep so strong

yet the sense of floating amidst the falling

and being a part of the view

as the wetness dries becoming

a dash of echoes broken yet together still,

and how I longed to be the hand

that held the portal to create

the majestic find of a universal truth.

Beautiful art: Anna Armona Watercolor Painting

19 thoughts on “Watercolor world

  1. Wow, you are incredible indeed, I would leave it up to you of course but I love anything stars, moon, or ocean😊 it doesn’t have to be large just a small picture frame able one and wow, I am smiling so big right now. Zipsride@me.com is my email and please, no rush or anything, it’s a busy world. Wow, no worry of disappointment, it’s enough you said yes, your work is beautiful, don’t put yourself down. To be creative is a gift, to do it so nicely is a treasure😊☮💟💕Kim

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  2. Thank you Russ for your lovely words, life leaves us racing and I too have difficulty some days slowing the pace, I’m glad you enjoyed it and glad you could relax and absorb the words. Peace and blessings my friend, Kim


  3. I would be honored. Scared shitless to disappoint, but honored all the same. Is there one I’ve done that you like or should we decide on something just for you? A lot of what I have done is other artists’ incredible visions. I’m in the apprentice phase, so to speak. But I would love to gift you a painting.

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  4. Believe it or not, was thinking of your beautiful art when I decided to write this, so thank you for the inspiration my friend💕😊 you do beautiful work, if you ever decide to gift me a piece of gorgeousness, I’ll send you my address😊

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  5. I was in a hurry and attempted to race through this creation. I couldn’t. The further into it I read, the more I realized I wanted to experience this piece slowly and savor each line. Thank you!

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  6. Well, I love this so much. The meaning, the medium, your words…. all of it is such gentle beauty. This is what I love about your work. Every time I read it I just feel an ease in my soul. Thank you for sharing that.

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  7. Breathe and just be. Take your time with it all. Everything will be just fine. I hope you have a great workday. Jernee and I send our love and hugs. 💟

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  8. Feeling good but rushed today, loved the song(your video you posted) even wrote it down so I can hear it again during the week. I get to dole out chocolate today, such a sad day, ha….Hershey bars, 900 samples that I get to cut up, gonna have blisters I think when I’m done. Alot going on at work, switching companies being the smart little egg that I am, lots of paperwork all over again, seems like only yesterday I just did this all but it guarantees me work in the future doing the same thing, just working directly instead of being the 3rd party. Grabbing life by the noodles so to speak 🙂 have a beautiful Saturday my friend and big hugs to you and the Jmo. Not to be confused with Jlo-although she is a short little beastie ( the dog, not the woman 🙂 )

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