Take two

Words swirl bitter

with hints of underlying unforgiveness

for what is will be

as you say there was never another way,

I caution you of the change stirring

like a hurricane brewing on the coast

it will arrive before you expect

for wearing excuses and blinders

you will drown in your own belief

that you cling to like a raft

as it sinks and drags you under.

I see in your eyes you know this truth,

and I am not the one to save you

for I can only ask with no judgement

take heed with these things which you say,

for you will be on that island alone

stranded by your own will

as you ask for favor

yet turn blindly away when offered,

change is coming and it may be slow

but it will arrive

and I will feel sorry for the child within you

that says over again that it’s always been this way,

and I will say one last time


and only you

can change your way.

Thoughts that have been on my mind since last night, a conversation with a gentleman at work, who had words with one of my co-workers. She was gone when I was shutting down ten minutes before the shift end, and she is always there and often stays after the shift to “chat.I do not know why she left so early, I could not ask her. But he made sure as he tried to cover his own behind by letting me know his words he had used and his thoughts on things that had transpired, of which I was not around nor aware of.  I calmly and as nicely as I could, gave him my view on only what he had said to me, not what was said between them (as I still do not know the whole story). I stood up for what I believed in, said the words carefully and with no malice-watched while he back pedaled and explained weakly that when he grew up, that wasn’t such a big deal, it was how he was raised. I only said, “the word you used is Unacceptable and I take offense at it too, only you can change you.” I don’t do well with politics, and I am also professional enough to know that some things should not be spoken about at work or ever about others. I will always defend when the “race” card is brought forth in a “not nice” way, and it may not be much, but for me, it’s a start of a long road that lately seems to be getting longer by the day. I apologize for this rant but it was something I needed to get off of my chest. I will not stand by and hear that word without saying something. It’s a tough haul, being at work and being civil when you just want to shake some sense into someone.

2 thoughts on “Take two

  1. I work at a Walmart but not for them. The conversation must have been pretty bad for her to have left early. I dislike being brought into it by the gentleman, I never involve myself in these things if I can help it…..I like peace and love, not venomous hateful words, especially in a work environment. The comment was about his boss and he was complaining that my coworker almost got him in a lot of trouble. It’s funny, cause if he thought about it, he should have gotten canned. This world is a strange and crazy place these days, just trying to keep my sail into the wind going straight and smooth😊☮

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  2. Kudos to you.
    I understand what you mean about discussions about race and politics at work. On the other hand, with truck drivers (and as one), I witnessed no bashfulness about opinions. I found it interesting that union membership is/was considered liberal while so many members were, in fact, conservative – with the exception of an outspoken belief in the rights accorded union members. To them, recognizing those rights never had race as a factor, but it did come through for some when talking about deliveries in specific neighborhoods in the city – but I saw that as a coping mechanism for the dangers inherent in those neighborhoods. Otherwise, race seldom came up in conversations at work. I’ve been away for 11 years, so it would be interesting to hear what is said there these days, with the news of the past two years.

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