Let The Children Come (An Audio Poem)

I love the audio pieces by my friend Tre, and this one is, from my point of view, one of the strongest yet. Please give a listen, grab a smile from the video innocence and enjoy. Please comment on the original post. ❤

a cornered gurl

Let The Children Come  (Audio) 

For they do not
Carry the weight of this
World on their shoulders,
Heavy from years of
Burdened down tongues
And beaten backs, whipped
Into dysfunction.

They see into the future–
“Crystal ball gazing”
The noonday away.
They have time.
They have strength.
They are better than we are
Because they know what,
“I’m sorry” means and they
Forgive, lacking grudges.

Let them come en masse,
Hands together in fists
Braving the tyrants
Who manifest into
Nightmares on various
Elm Streets, coping mechanisms

Dropping Dramamine into
Dipped veins.

Let them come when
Old Negro Spirituals
Can’t cure the pain,
The hanging bodies
From nooses, swaying above
Devil’s glare.

The children will know–
They have hearts bigger than
Open wounds,
Stronger than authoritative speech,
They hear you when you cry
And offer a safe space
For your weary head.
Please, let the children come.


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4 thoughts on “Let The Children Come (An Audio Poem)

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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