Shades of gray

Paper mache thoughts
staircase of memory moving in skies of the mind,
he cuts out the stars they say
building his universe piece by piece,
and hanging the brightest
slightly shrouded in mystery
behind a veil of emotion.
Water winds its way through to find
his toes cautiously testing to find
hot or cold
as he leaves the ripples behind
he watches them undulate into
the common answering wave,
as they slip together along the seam
becoming one they move
in and out from source.
He paints to live
in this world of pain,
wracked by unanswered questions,
he knows where his sail is moving
as he coasts along in the playground of mind,
cutting shapes
he puts them together like his worries on a shelf,
one at a time he stares at them all,
knowing it feels like never enough-
he looks for the guiding star he had lost
to find it resting quietly waiting
where he had always left it,
tucked into the heart.

11 thoughts on “Shades of gray

  1. Frightening proposition. Yeah, the thing doesn’t stick while damp, but it gets the face messy.
    Hope you get your job assignment soon. Good luck.

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  2. ah, I pictured having oozing pieces of newspaper in water/flour stuck to my eyebrows and tugging it off, quite comical I’m sure….perhaps you should do it, film it and post it on Youtube for me, eh? haha! 🙂


  3. Same thing, your face/ voodoo dolls.
    No, you mold with the paper mache, let it dry, brush with a thinned plaster wash and it gives it a firmer structure when it sets up.

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  4. Fun to make a mask of your face with it. Finish with thinned out plaster wash & clearcoat when the plaster dries.

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  5. I have had paper mache on my mind for two days, even looked up the recipe. Don’t ask me why, have never made one before….waiting to be scheduled for work with the new company and was feeling a bit stressed at nothing happening….but slowly emerging from the funk and writing occasionally too 🙂


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