Dreaming awake

Moving in circles forward

draws the line with the mind where to move

drifting invisible clouds lifting

the soul that sinks softly into self.

So tired eyes feel heavy,

weary body like lead, weight staggering,

as the hours pass and time moves as it does

so much to do

so much.

Watch this,

watch out for that,

warden of the gift of heart

can’t let the badness seep in

take over

push out the darkness

and breathe deep.

So many moments left

but the mind slowly closes

hard wood doors closing

as the lock moves into place

and the night seeps below the crease,

sensibilities creep in like a fog on the bay

and the damp chill fills the air,

clean sheets and cotton wait calling softly

to come see about me,

but just one more thing

then this and that

and at some point it all lays by the side

importance reigns supreme,

time to sleep

to let go and let be

and a night perhaps to drift

into the bliss of star filled nights and dreams,

seems just so very long ago

although only days,

miles to go before I sleep

these things I keep

that sustain.

Eyes read and re-read,

creating a semblance of order

as the dominoes fall one after another,

stacked up I am the last standing,

knowing it is time

to close down

and drift into another place.

Beautiful image by : Soflyfx.deviant art



Busy daze….

I know, I know, where the heck have I been lately. First I had to share with you what I’ve been doing, or I should say, what Chi’s been doing. A hematoma on her ear blew her up like a balloon, her ear was just a big sack of ick within, so surgery on Monday. Now the cone of shame is her life for the next 14 days. Walking into everything, drugged and “stoned” for the most part for the next 5 days, and off of her game. She did good on her walk today, we shortened it up a bit to not overdo it, and I’m struggling to make my 10K steps on my Fitbit every day, but happy to say I haven’t missed once. 250 steps = 6 laps around the pool in case you ever wondered.

Watercolor classes started this morning, lots of fun and 5 other wonderful “artists” in training with me. I can see a lot of practicing in my future, but perhaps I should have gone into veterinary medicine ’cause I could have used the chunk of change I gave, but all worth it. Unfortunately Chi may get her picture on the vet wall as “worst patient ever”, as the technician climbed on top of her to pin her down to allow the vet to administer a shot to calm her (she was muzzled and she was absolutely FREAKING out-which for her at the vet is normal), needless to say, she bucked the poor woman off into a wall and ripped a nice gash into her arm with one of her sharp claws-of which she only has two, the rest are whittled down from pavement walking daily. Someone there thought the tech needed stitches but I heard they only butterflied it. So……lets just say that no one would touch her after they got her sedated (in the back room with ALOT of guttural screaming). Talk about exhausting, but on a good note, when she goes to get her stitches out in two weeks, I have a dose of “calming-happy-don’t hurt the vet” pills to give her before we get there. Cross your fingers they work. So my friends, it’s not for having nothing to say here, it’s just that I’ve been a bit distracted and busy. I know you’ll understand, and in two weeks I may be able to accomplish a full night of sleep once the bucket comes off. If not, I may need one.

Wish the Chi luck with her healing and Apple gets to meet the vet on Friday (she tends to be a much more pleasant patient than the Chi) thank heavens. I will be back soon, Lord willing and calmness finds us soon I pray. Hi from my world, will catch up on my reading soon so don’t think I’m ignoring you, gets tough when the dog wants to lay on the keyboard and get loved ❤ but I don’t blame her in the least. Peace and blessings, K