Busy daze….

I know, I know, where the heck have I been lately. First I had to share with you what I’ve been doing, or I should say, what Chi’s been doing. A hematoma on her ear blew her up like a balloon, her ear was just a big sack of ick within, so surgery on Monday. Now the cone of shame is her life for the next 14 days. Walking into everything, drugged and “stoned” for the most part for the next 5 days, and off of her game. She did good on her walk today, we shortened it up a bit to not overdo it, and I’m struggling to make my 10K steps on my Fitbit every day, but happy to say I haven’t missed once. 250 steps = 6 laps around the pool in case you ever wondered.

Watercolor classes started this morning, lots of fun and 5 other wonderful “artists” in training with me. I can see a lot of practicing in my future, but perhaps I should have gone into veterinary medicine ’cause I could have used the chunk of change I gave, but all worth it. Unfortunately Chi may get her picture on the vet wall as “worst patient ever”, as the technician climbed on top of her to pin her down to allow the vet to administer a shot to calm her (she was muzzled and she was absolutely FREAKING out-which for her at the vet is normal), needless to say, she bucked the poor woman off into a wall and ripped a nice gash into her arm with one of her sharp claws-of which she only has two, the rest are whittled down from pavement walking daily. Someone there thought the tech needed stitches but I heard they only butterflied it. So……lets just say that no one would touch her after they got her sedated (in the back room with ALOT of guttural screaming). Talk about exhausting, but on a good note, when she goes to get her stitches out in two weeks, I have a dose of “calming-happy-don’t hurt the vet” pills to give her before we get there. Cross your fingers they work. So my friends, it’s not for having nothing to say here, it’s just that I’ve been a bit distracted and busy. I know you’ll understand, and in two weeks I may be able to accomplish a full night of sleep once the bucket comes off. If not, I may need one.

Wish the Chi luck with her healing and Apple gets to meet the vet on Friday (she tends to be a much more pleasant patient than the Chi) thank heavens. I will be back soon, Lord willing and calmness finds us soon I pray. Hi from my world, will catch up on my reading soon so don’t think I’m ignoring you, gets tough when the dog wants to lay on the keyboard and get loved ❀ but I don’t blame her in the least. Peace and blessings, K

28 thoughts on “Busy daze….

  1. she has to wear it until the 20th when stitches come out, but of late, blood in the urine on saturday and waiting to hear on the culture if they need to up her antibiotics or if it’s something more serious. I’ve been a wreck but slowly relaxing as she’s eating and almost herself, you should see the bruising on me from getting whacked by that “helmet”, ouch, look like an abused woman, I see the looks when I go out and I have to explain that no, it’s the dog and her vet visit antics (a not fun time at all), thanks Tikeetha ❀

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  2. Those babies are the priority!
    I pray that peace surrounds and enfolds Chi during her next encounter with the vet!
    God bless the poor tech! But hey, that’s one of the hazards of the job.
    Best wishes to Apple as well.
    No worries about the scarcity, I know that you are never too far away dear Angel.
    Always kisses and hugs from me to you! πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹

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  3. I’m using magic dust (food grade DE) all over the house and using herbal essential oil in fractionated coconut oil, making some headway…I think….less scratching and feeling a bit better….I love my girls and just want to see them healthy and happy, no more poisons thank you πŸ™‚

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  4. Keep sending prayers, took a turn today with blood in urine and major bladder infection….I’m convinced it’s the flea toxin they told me I had to give her….this week is just so rough, want to cry. 😦

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  5. thanks Sue, I hope to be a busy girl again, at some point going to get some writing on but time will tell….and some practice painting too I hope, Chi doing better, still on pain meds until tomorrow so will see how she is then πŸ™‚ peace and love, K

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  6. Awww missed this one Kim.. I wish Chi well in her recovery.. Not nice when you have to wear one of those.. I remember well when my Cats would have occasion to wear them..
    So pleased you enjoyed your art class.. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a more peaceful weekend xxx Hugs Sue

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  7. she’s doing good, eating and finally drinking…gonna have my hands full when the pain meds are gone in 4 days, a full strength Chi is a bull in a china shop to say the least ❀ hugs from us and thank you ❀

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  8. I hope your dog feels better, its been far too long zip. We are in the process of publishing a short novel. We have released a rough draft for it. Its called Eaten an Eskimo. Its in the editing process right now, but we need all the thoughts we can handle. Would really appreciate your opinion on this one. Glad to see you posting , its about time. The blogging world is happy that you are back.


  9. This is her second one, but with the surgery, hopefully whatever’s not right inside will not occur again πŸ™πŸ»πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ˜Š thank you, praying for healing and good things😊

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  10. Best of luck with the painting classes. Chi, get well! I had a doggie with a huge hematoma on her ear, it developed because my smaller dog kept jumping up and biting her ears, so sorry this happened to you! 🐢

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