Within these spaces

We linger within these spaces

captured in a reflection of beauty

gentle reminders for a deep breathing calm

miracles of time move us from darkness

into the spaces where light finds us waiting.

I had forgotten these things

as the cloud of sadness filled the thoughts with fear

I dove in like a parched soul so weary

hanging onto that which cannot be held,

until I stopped and became one

the color of a sunburst on a stem,

siesta blooms gracing the garden

by a loving mans hands.

I stepped out of the depths that tried to submerge me

eager for the hands that were always patiently waiting

to offer a healing thought,

a loving prayer for the beings I so love.

I need to be in this space more

allowing my hands to move with the flow of the words

pent-up too long needlessly,

not for fear but for the hurt and ache that leveled my mind,

I see the clouds moving in that will bring a welcome rain

and the blooms that are and those that will be

hold their faces up for the nourishment

that only a kind world can give,

and I shall be grateful and humble at the little things

never taking for granted the little or big moments

for they all shine.

I will overcome this moment and it shall pass

leaving me satiated and content

in the grace of gifts.

I have been absent for a little while, scared senseless for our little dog Chi and I thank you all so kindly for your words and prayers. She sits watching me write, and it feels so very good to be a little more at peace. The flower is a Siesta hibiscus that hubby picked out yesterday and planted outside of our bedroom wall, along with a mystery gardenia (2 actually), some spiky pretty pointy palmy things and alongside the pool, another gardenia and some Ixora plants that have dainty little flowers on them. The jasmine is beginning to bloom and I am breathing in and out, enjoying the moments and just letting things work in the way that they have to. Here is another pic of the siesta beauty. Stay warm and safe if you’re up North/East and thank you again for being the beautiful people of my world. Kim


26 thoughts on “Within these spaces

  1. Feel free to use the pic if you’d like, or save for the future, I give permission , Chi napping and hanging, no word on her tests but thank you for asking about her, appreciated….with no kids, she’s one of my babies I do adore so very much๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’œโ˜ฎ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. thanks Jacqueline โค I adore the new blooming beauty in our garden and keeping positive with my little girl โค Peace and blessings, Kim


  3. I love the vivid brightness of hibiscus flowers. Yes indeed we should appreciate the little and big things plus the moments that surrounds us. Your little cutie will be as right as her usual self soon. Blessed be.

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  4. We have a bushy one in front in peach but we only see it when we go out to go somewhere, this one is in the back alongside the house. What I adore about Florida is all of the gorgeous specimens of blooms everywhere, and the scent just fills me with happiness. Hugs from Chi too โค

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  5. I am sending prayers for little Chi! I love hibiscus, we have them in abundance here and outside my window I a couple of double hibiscus (coral). Nature is so amazing. Have a wonderful day with your little pup.

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  6. She’s still fighting an infection but she’s eating and clingy as usual ๐Ÿ™‚ still praying for the best and thank you for your kind words my friend, so appreciated. The flowers are stunning, remind me of a sunset or tie-dye ๐Ÿ™‚ perfect for our garden ๐Ÿ™‚

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