Painting life

Blending the colors just so

creating the perfect shade to suit the soul

adding a little of this

a little of that,

testing to ensure proper hue.

Like life  if applied too heavily

easily thinned out a bit as the hand moves,

delicate curves to add shade and dimension

a little dilution to achieve the effect desired.

To be content in knowing we can go back

correct the mistake gently

easing the lines into a quiet blend

like a sentence spoken through silence,

the perfect specimen found through diligence,

patience and harmony in each stroke

I see this creation like life in its own way,

always changing

like mood that can be softened with the right touch,

as the water moves the mark across the cotton

I see what I feel

was a calm and quiet peace.

Day number two of my watercolor class and I found time disappearing as I lost myself in practicing the techniques taught, creating the perfect shade I wanted and leaving with my mind lost in a quiet place, pondering the sun upon me as I drove away and just enjoying the moment and happy for the lesson. Peace and blessings, K

19 thoughts on “Painting life

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  2. When I write, I google a word, in this case images of endless skies, once I find one I like, I just open the mind and let the words flow, takes me about 5 minutes of just letting loose and that’s that. I know, strange, right? The funny thing is, once written, I move on and often forget what I wrote, almost as if it were never really there in the first place 🙂 I’m strange, I know ❤

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  3. You find inspiration everywhere don’t you precious?
    Do your poems come to you whole like a gift? I ask because it seems as if they descend on you and you transcribe them all once–no doubt a celestial gift 🙂
    Sounds like you are enjoying this new outlet for your creativity 🙂 Can’t wait to see the results.

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  4. Aw, thanks Derrick, was just enjoying your pics yesterday playing catchup, I want that fireplace too, already have the pretty seabirds😊I’m glad you enjoyed this piece😊💕

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  5. A lovely metaphor for your poem. I think shifting to a different artistic medium is good for us, Kim. A new way to perceive and explore different senses. This post made me want to take an art class!

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