What price?

What price is paid

by the dreamers who gaze

on the midnight sky in love

with the universe?

Through dreams below a moon

who laughs in white silence

peering through to catch in slumber

the mind lost in other worlds,

does it know of our visions?

What price is paid by the hopeful heart

who wishes as a star falls on a calm night,

the glittering spark that shoots past much too fast

yet caught in the memory with a smile?

I know of no value worth pennies or millions

that compare with the view of a night sky,

below in a forest or beside the gentle waves

inspiration shimmers like a belief in more,

like the truth that we are one with it all.

19 thoughts on “What price?

  1. Definitely my favorite kind of poem with dreams, evening darkness cloaking our feelings, and the hope for more. Being one with nature is such a beautiful expression. The price received is to be full of peace and harmony. . . hugs xo

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  2. Do I? I adore angel numbers. But alas, they are numbers, many follow for a follow and I am so busy these days, unless they stop in and comment, I just let them follow away….but I love those who stop and visit and say hi, like you and Marm, always gives me a smile…..and always right on time too, right?


  3. Clear tonight here with rain tomorrow am, friends coming in from back home to stay for almost a week, gonna be a late one I’m sure, won’t get back home from airport till after ten…..I’m always sleeping by then but excited to see them😊💕glad I could bring you reading joy my friend💜🙏🏻☮

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  4. Wonderful thoughts!
    So true! No beauty can ever be measured in ‘pennies or millions.’ Dreams and hopes are priceless. Keep dreaming as dreams are the streamers of poets!

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  5. No, I know of no other view worth it either.. beautiful poem Kim.. So lovely to catch you in the reader this evening.. Sending Huge Hugs your way. And no chance of seeing stars tonight.. as it pouring down with rain. right now.. ❤

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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