Painting life

Colors caught in a favorite pose,

moonlit skies on clouds it rests

caught like a marble suspended

I learn to flow through the brush.

Where I’ve been on quiet days

pondering the landscape of sun and haze

mixing and matching the color to mood

purple sky hue.

This is my first official watercolor painting, still in progress (mostly working the water) and I was actually quite pleased with the results, which for me is saying a lot. Just in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, one more class next week and practice, practice and more practice needed. Moon over water….by me.

54 thoughts on “Painting life

  1. Thanks D, it’s funny because I hadn’t planned it out, just kept adding and somehow decided last minute to add water….it’s like having writers block, paint to paint and see what happens….glad you enjoyed it and thank youπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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  2. thanks Malctg, talent in training perhaps, and happy to see you. I have a lot of catching up to do, a break on the horizon like a sunset I do see πŸ™‚ peace and blessings my friend, always, Kim


  3. last class Tuesday, feel a bit sad…still so much to learn but I feel the hickory stick coming down on my knuckles….practice, practice, etc…..when time allows, I squeeze in what I can ❀

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  4. I know, she is a rock star, as are you…and us rock stars must stick together for as a superpower, we rock it….I’m just enjoying new “tricks” so to speak and know I will ultimately master it…you are awesome, and we are in our own ways, that’s a great thing I think…okay, I know πŸ™‚ peace and love my friend and hugs. I love my friend Tre, she gets me through on many occasion, as do you all ❀ love ya, Kim


  5. You’re funny! You are as good as me! I think we are all good/whatever depending upon what we write, how we feel, what someone else gets from our work. Many, many (MANY) people get a great deal from your work – I hope you know this! Ask Tre if you do not, she used to always talk about your work and I found you through her, and never regretted it for a moment.

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  6. As beautiful as your words! Congratulations for pursuing this lovely way of expressing yourself and sharing your first finished ‘work’ with us! Thanks, Kim. You rock! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  7. no need to comment, just knowing you’re out there and that something I may contribute to this world brings you joy is always enough, I always can sense when I do it right and others enjoy ❀ brings me untold happiness indeed ❀

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  8. I am so happy to know that πŸ™‚ Infinite love, ease and joy to you truly. I am usually short of words to consistently compliment you, so do it once in a while when it becomes unstoppable πŸ™‚

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  9. thanks so much sanseilife, between itchy dog, work, reading/art practice….never enough time in the day I’m afraid…but it will happen. thanks so much for your support ❀

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  10. thanks Mags, some days it’s a struggle to get the practice time in, one more lesson then on my own, have learned so much, just need to develop the talent more and practice of course… little time, so much to write/paint/work….ha…craziness I tell ya πŸ™‚

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  11. thanks quail ❀ next week I have to come up with a new image to paint, so torn but will forage up something, I just hope I can do it some justice ❀


  12. still a lot to learn and trying to figure out what my “style” is exactly….at least I know what colors I embrace πŸ™‚ peace and love, finally rained?/sprinkled tonight…a good thing ❀

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  13. I know sweets, have been following along at least every other day, a lot going on here too…sometimes I’m “here”, sometimes not so much but muddling through ❀ be well my friend, always in my thoughts,
    ❀ K


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