Nameless faces pass by

just another conversation on the wind

deep of heart and meaning

eyes connect and understanding is felt,

to turn and walk away with that sense

connections felt throughout the universe.

Reading pages from books of thought,

one mans story escaping to be free

nodding in understanding, a knowing is found

for I have been there too.

A thousand stars shine brightly

waiting in queue for wishes to come

caught light like fireflies dancing

and I never know quite what brought me round

perhaps it was the words of many found

and a sense of love from it all.

I find comfort in these nestled places

like fireside chats on summer nights

and the scent of the air thick with sound and silence

I am spun up in the magic that I find there

and search for the jar to capture it in,

to pass along

to belong.

Photo by James R. Eads…found on pinterest