Soft shift

With the coming of light

the subtle shift was felt

as moisture hung like heavy blankets

and tiny drops slid down into the ground,

somewhere in the mind a settling was felt

and the calm of day

swept the darkness away.

Invisible lines across the universe

like wires unseen but felt

as the current moves through

the lioness awakes to hunt

leaving just the smudged prints

in her path behind her

as the drops move down in to the puddle

and earth is quietly quenched

if only for a moment

with her passing.

When the rain fell

the life could be felt,

the scent rich and deep in pine and decay

of brown withered leaves

becoming one once more

with the soil from which gave birth,

and the silver river runs silently down

on tired glass which we linger behind

watching with satisfaction

of the coming of this life

and a prayer for the gift

across oceans to find

hands open ready to receive

and to sip with thanks

the soft shift of wetness

that came and left

as gently as it arrived.