Then and Now

I would personally love and be honored to give a shout-out to the woman who has taught me the world of beauty found in watercolors. I have so far to go but with such an amazing teacher, I know I shall soar. Please welcome a new face to the world of Word Press, a friend and woman who has my admiration and undying thanks for the gifts she’s bestowed upon my life in teaching me that creativity has so many outlets, to stretch my wings and dare to soar. Please stop in, say hi and give her a hearty WP welcome. I’m sure she will be posting much more in the future but Welcome to a new home Angie💕 Peace and dare to dream big, K ⭐️🌟💫

Angie Brown Art

The Cardinal and The Nokomis Sunset…

The Cardinal is a very early watercolor painting from many moons ago when I first started my watercolor journey.

The Nokomis Sunset is one of my most recently completed watercolors.

I entered my first juried art contest with this one, just a few weeks ago. I didn’t place in the top three, but I did learn a lot, and gained a bit more confidence in my ability as an artist. This piece did receive an honorable mention, and I was given a gift card for the local art store. Although I didn’t win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, I did place at 5th. And, I’m quite happy with that. The fact that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, beyond my fear of not being good enough, and entered the contest at all, well, means that I won!

Fear is real, we all have it. But…

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