In these moments

The quiet place between then and now

where silence hangs heavy yet so light,

in this place where I breathe the darkness

through the pale shine of a coming day-

giving thanks for little things

as flowers die to scent the air

lavender essence to soothe the mind.

Memories play games through dreams at night

anger meets love and we watch the play

stage set and words fly through the air

daggers thrust into emptiness

for you can not kill such beautiful things

as love and laughter will move forward

gently taking the piece to create peace,

we watch spellbound wondering where it leads,

this image that flips past quicker than space

and time meanders like a flowing river

as we drift into new images

the scent of spring things and yesterdays

and the songs that play in the jukebox of our heads

liven the atmosphere with rhythm,

sun rises to greet through white shades drawn,

and the dream slips away into the memory store,

catalogued and chronicled for later thought

and the feet walk bare on grains of sand

yet we think of salt and the feel of the earth

stretched out and moving below us

languid in itself,

it does only what it knows how to do,

from its birth till the end of time

pulled in the gravity of a thousand moments

of star dust and planets we know will be,

though not quite seen,

just a speck like the sea salt and sand,

as we settle in with our cup of wakefulness,

we honor the moments

for the gifts they bestow.


In unexpected places

we find the magic that sits waiting

so patiently like it knew

we were coming,

beauty of a color

standing out like a beacon

a light ushering us to come near,

to gaze at the brilliance of natures finest.

Below a small bird waits,

watching as I go near to gather

trying to help in the survival

as dogs mill about restlessly,

it hops into the brush and sits watching me,

I gaze up and see the purple bloom

as bananas wait to be found,

new in their stage I laugh,

the bird is now gone as I glance back

yet its gift now given

appreciated with the heart of love

for more magic in the world

this universe never stops

providing its miracles

to those who pay attention

to the signs sent.

The red pineapple was found in a gentleman yard a block from our home, walking the dogs one morning, I returned later with the camera to share with you, and the little bird I tried to save, was never seen again (nor eaten by the dogs) but it did get me back in deep enough to the corner yard (where slithering things like to sit) and much to my joy as I looked up, I spied a new crop of bananas growing, and going around the other side to get a better view, found another tree with another bunch growing. Ah, the smallest joys to my life. All appreciated.

Recreating Yesterday

Surrounded by visions
yesterday places grace our thoughts
remembering moments spent
a translation of sorts
from one scene to the next,
where the water moves
our souls reside.
Taking time to be
in a moment where sun lies beyond
glass panes of thought
what day was it when we watched
storm clouds slink in
unexpected delight
reflected off of the evening tide,
the salt air gathering us
on Carolina shores
so many years ago
but seems like only yesterday.
Knowing there is no perfection
in life or memories
we strive to become one with our craft,
to dabble when time is gifted
and to feel so very blessed
at lessons learned.

Finally gathered the spirit and time today to somewhat recreate a picture that hangs in our home, Surfside beach South Carolina and a view from the balcony to the sea oats and dunes below. Feels so good to create with color again, having finished a gift (a picture for another post) and just being one with the brush. Having a zen moment😑