Slipping through

Thoughts like dreams slip through
Portals of the day to day
openings we find ourselves slipping through
weightless doors wait for those who dare
to seek the pleasure;
the paradise beyond what is merely seen.
We center and ground
breathing in and out as if
our existence is just an illusion
as we glide through unnoticed
invisible to the eye.
To raise a smile from the ashes,
words and music of the rhythm of the universe
singing bowls beside the sea
where many have come before
and will come again unknown by those
who never feel the vibe
of peace divine.
We live in these moments
basking in the soft beauty of a bloom
floating on water the ebb and flow
keeps time to the beat
in and out we inhale to finally
exhale the poison of darkness
as the scent of a rogue magnolia finds us
pleasantly surprised
by the folds
of what is waiting inside.
The thought that rises to the top
like cream rich and sweet,
life and its mysteries found
waiting behind the door
of perception awakened.