Trapped doors

Bang bang,
One after another
slamming the doors to the past,
nothing to see here,
move along folks…
ain’t no rubber neckers needed to view
the scrapings of the pieces,
she’s gone taken the train
to better sights
than this here place.
This one here…
well, she’s a sticky one, that one…
still clinging,
not quite ready to go the distance
but she’ll come round
just wait and see…
like these mirrors you’ll see new things
exciting and laughable things
on the other side of the show…
she ain’t seeing it all quite right…
out there livin’ in those stars….
those shiny sparkly things…
can’t believe in ’em I say…
smoke and mirrors,
nothing there….
watch me
what I say ’cause I know
been there
done that…
nothing there and no lingering baby
so just keep on moving on,
come along and follow the rest,
they know what’s what…
smarter than the rest I always say….
where you going?
No, don’t you run away…
I know the truth…
can’t you see?
My truth will only cost you
a dollar or two…
as the song plays on…

As he slips away
knowing that she knows
deeper than his senses will ever give….
space….no cost in being
no price in becoming one with the light,
the truth….
she walks away smiling
purse tucked tight…
no quarter given
she slips through the next portal
for tomorrow waits….
her kind of place….
off the path of the side show barkers
bartering with their nothing
as the paint peels on yesterday
she repaints her tomorrow
pretty carousle ponies
and dreams waiting in the light of a new day.