We feel the edge of reason
surfacing like boiling pots
waiting to spill over,
forgetting to breathe
we gasp
reaching the surface for peace
and the air to sustain,
deeper we climb into the color of mood
breaking free of darkness
we carry ourselves towards light,
breaking what seems still water
knowing the current so dangerous below,
floating forward
we scan the horizon for hope
found in a passing cloud.
Helplessness is such a strange bird
flying high to teach us
that which we momentarily forget
like lessons in old school books
years after we’ve escaped
the bondage of our cages
as we see through bars that lay non existent
yet for our minds we can almost feel them there
before us, so structured and unyielding
we slip through when least expected
and soaring we catch a glimpse of
a yesterday soul
yet just us a moment ago,
in the realm of time
one slip into the ripple
we shake ourselves dry
and begin once more
to fly.

Thoughts from earlier today when being mentally held hostage by the internet, trying to watch a live feed of my nephews graduation, capturing only the barest snippets, feeling sad, angry and let down….breathing to clear the emotion and accepting what I have no control over….finding myself in a much more calm place, knowing that someone would repost it later (I pray) and that I can feel for but a short space of time, that I am there with those I love and miss on this momentous day. Congratulations Jordan, I am so proud of you and hearing a few words from your two buddies, I know you’re flying high today.