Accidental fun

Flipping through virtual lands

unexpected finds lead to tipping minds

and accidental fun meets words on a date

with a page from the journal

of peace and poetry.

I cannot recall

nor had I known of existence

from the bowels of the box they rise,

bits and pieces baked together

like chocolate chips and kitchen sinks,

everything but as I sail the winds of time

skipping backwards in my mind

to places of skies and water

and I find the floating debris salvaged

and displayed on invisible shelves

in a blogger gallery

built by one yet seen by all.

I just found this image, somehow having downloading every picture I took a few years back in Key West, this one had me turning my head this way and that and seems a bit fitting for my whimsical mood today. A working day shortly and a siesta from the book writing as I got a bit of reading in and this, hope you enjoy and don’t hurt yourself turning this way and that. Peace and fun, always, Kim