Between ripples

Unspoken words soothe like a balm

between ripples the waiting of understanding

leaving spellbound in color

we swim the depths of this universe

searching for the direction beneath guiding stars,

days of happy find us waiting

as another day passes and always more

until there isn’t

but we bask in the moments given,

grateful with an open heart

as we listen to the rhythm of the beating silence

whose chords we alone hear,

that which we share between souls who see

through closed eyes the light still shines

and as we dip our cups into the river of life

we drink of lessons learned,

dance with the music loved

and spread hope and peace far and wide

with a prayer for healing

to the ones captured in the waves

who searched for only starfish and beautiful things

before getting pulled from shore,

we send ripples out to gather them

floating on gentle waves of today

to the castles that wait on the shores of tomorrow.

Counting down to my special day of a half a century, good gosh, it’s been a great ride and looking forward to lots more. Tiara and wand, fairy wings and bottle of bubbles ready to go, perhaps I may even post a picture….come on Saturday….and I must not forget the champagne or Prosecco…..hmmmm… many choices, such a good thing. So excited for sure ❤

15 thoughts on “Between ripples

  1. four legged ones are doing awesome….keeping in a bit more as the 90 degrees plus doesn’t do them or us very good….I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and it’s always a pleasure to hear from you….sending ripples of love. Hope you’re getting some painting in too ❤

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  2. I have loved catching you with your ripples today Kim.. a delightful half hour I have spent and sending you lots of love your way.. Hugs and Many Blessings to you and yours.. and Hope the fourlegged ones are doing well too.. xxx Hugs Sue xxx

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  3. Unspoken words, rhythm of the beating silence, see through closed eyes, rhythm of the beating silence, …I am swimming on the waves of these beautiful words in the ocean of your beautiful poetry and painting …to the depth of this Universe …:)

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  4. if the rain holds off, to the drum circle on the beach next town over, dancing and happy sunset moments on the 50th year of my life ❤ thanks so much Robbie ❤


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