the lightness of being

We cast our bubbles to the sky

watching as they drift lazily through moving air

higher like thoughts that never end,

shining little lights like stars

glistening on a sea of blue

and gathering clouds wait for their gifts

till beyond the view they vanish

yet we know that somewhere out there

our wish moves to the heavens

with the lightness of being.

Years pass and we grow in ease

with fairy wings and magic wands

and tiaras worn with pride,

princesses we stay, forever young

laughing through the moments

a toast and hearing the voices of yesterday

speak to us through invisible lines

reaching out to hold our hearts

if only for but a few moments,

we tuck them away,

these memories made today

and give thanks for the moment

and the many more to follow,

light of being we move into new realms,

cherishing each step

and gazing into the distance

excited by the prospect of what is

and isn’t yet seen. ❀

Thoughts on my happy birthday and the pics that came out good enough to share. Peace and love, K (The young princess of course) πŸ™‚ Β Fearless Fifty, YEAH BABY!!!! Bubbles, wings, and magic wands….priceless ❀



27 thoughts on “the lightness of being

  1. Sorry I missed your great Day dear Kim.. Happy Belated Birthday.. You look fabulous and I would never have taken you for 50.. So keep being the fearless fairy my friend.. Love and Hugs xxx ❀

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  2. Have a fabulous birthday Kim and an exciting new phase. When I read your poem and saw that it was your milestone birthday, this old song came to mind;


  3. Fifty! Isn’t it wonderful?
    I said my life would begin at 40 and it did.
    Then 50 rolled by and what a blast!
    Now I will have my 60 this year and I just keep getting younger.
    Congrats on your special and exciting day!
    I love how you celebrate! Quite an inspiration to all!

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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