Beyond the facade

You must have been a beautiful baby

the song plays quietly in the background of my mind

I hum along and wonder,

well, aren’t they all when you think about it?

When it comes down to a heart beating

and the miracle of cells dividing


creating something so unique,

and why is it only

babies that can be beautiful

for when we see the dirty unkempt homeless man

or the woman with the missing limb,

what changes in the mind to see

anything less than the beauty that lies within?

Why does the judgement happen

for the way a person looks or seems

as if through fault of their making

as sickness ravages and shades of red welts rise,

turned to purple and the swelling overwhelms,

yet the eyes that gaze into yours

relay the kindness and love felt from within

and the tears fall from a simple acceptance

the glow begins to form around the soul.

I’ve heard upon view of a not so pretty child,

must have been hit by the ugly stick a time or two…

childhood taunts come back to my mind

and I am thankful for the passage of time

that allowed my soul to grow into understanding,

when faced with a view that invokes stares,

I feel compelled to hold out my hand

and with a smile simply say,

I can only help you find what you seek,

but it can’t change much

for you are already beautiful enough.

A middle-aged woman came into work the other day searching for a few items, her head bulged from beneath her scarf, a large purple addition of her head which was pressing down and almost engulfing her eyes. I think years ago I would have stared with mouth agape not knowing what to say, but am thankful for the years of life lessons which have left me with a loving and understanding heart.  I held out my hand to her as she said she could barely see, her husband standing quietly at the front of the store, allowing her to come with me as I guided her around answering any questions and finding what it was she requested. At check out she started crying and thanked me for not making her feel like a monster, for smiling and making her laugh and that now she would feel more comfortable going out into the world again. I asked if her sight would come back, she replied yes, after all the non-stop infections stopped. I gave her a blessings, squeezed her hand and as she left, thanked the big guy above for teaching me tolerance and love. She must have been a beautiful baby, for they all are, even grown up.

62 thoughts on “Beyond the facade

  1. I adore your genuine love and kindness. People so often fear those who are different, but as you said, we start from such similar places, and ultimately, we are on a similar journey. The poem and story were beautiful. This tender post made my heart smile. What a beautiful way to begin my day. Thank you for that. ❤️ Joanna


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  3. I never mean to cause tears, just uplift my sweet friend, it’s freaky when it happens and until you find out the cause, think oh crap, again, more stuff heaped on? Like you need anything more. I’m praying like a rapper over here and rhyming with my timing, peace and love and I’ll look for mail. Have to open tomorrow and work till 6 so won’t be on until evening at best, but will check upon waking and respond if time allows ❤ ❤


  4. God you had me next to tears
    But then I said that’s Kim,got a good report about the bells palsy,I took her to the Dr This afternoon found she had an ear infection which could of cause all of this craziness, the story goes on but I’ll mail you later
    As Sheldon Always

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  5. The nice thing about work, the rest, meh, if I don’t have anything nice to say, I don’t say anything at all. The people I encounter charge up my day in amazing ways ❤ thanks E ❤

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  6. Oh Kim! That is so beautiful. You were a true blessing to this forlorned soul. And yes, regardless to how things appear, she was a beautiful baby and is now a beautiful lady- and you saw it!

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  7. I do not think we can compare Jesus to us humans, people. To answer your question, yes. He was otherworldly. He knew the importance of love, empathy, innocence, forgiveness, time, life, and death. We will never truly understand what he understood.

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  8. Children, babies are innocent. Clean slates. I have seen some beautiful, precious adults with awful attitudes. They’ve lived life long enough to lose that innocence. And when that’s gone, to me, so is the more precious/beautiful aspect.

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  9. Yes, I too have often wondered why babies/children are generally considered more precious/beautiful than adults. People do not lose value as they age. Wonderful piece, Kim. 💕

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