Written within

Lightness of a cloud

hanging on the thread of a ray of yellow

horizon beyond the thoughts below

a universe bound in peace.

It lay there, somewhere above I thought,

like a word that escaped into the sea breeze

only returning on soaring wing

touching the tip of the memory

yesterday compressed to see

the importance in the view.

Sweet like a lullaby,

cradled clouds I never saw till now,

gazing at images and pulling out

the best of the rest

cropped and fitted to the soul,

endless skies gentle

on a quickening pulse needing release,

soothe the rest as it always does,

restless no longer as time ticks away

and the moment comes to move

into the remains of this day.

I found this image in my Key West photo bank, almost deleted it as the people were dark and unknown, dug out the little cropping tool and was happy to find this left behind when all was done. Off to a long day at work and needed to find some peace before the storm.