If not now….

If we wait….

time passes by like a phantom storm

cascading minutes we try to gather like crumbs,

if not now

then when,

do we wait saying it will be there,

when we’re ready

but not right now,

not this very second

the light within asks



Mind splatters its story on pages

one after another and the skies beyond grey

and dusk lights the night with the demise of day

and we look around to find

so much has passed

as we dove in so deep

drowning in the need to release,

to get it out there,

make it right and let it live,

unfolding like presents opened

we stop to breathe

wondering when we had given that much thought,

to take in air

and look around at the eyes that watch,

wondering if we can play,

if we can stop for a moment

and just be.

The fire within can consume in an instant,

the flicker smoldered

before catching on a draft,

running on adrenaline before it slips away,

we stack the pages neatly

written in the cloud

we smile pleased

at another speed bump passed over

slowing down to look for the next in the future,

we play hopscotch with our days,

looking for the end space

to make the win.

Began writing my book, not a poetry one as originally intended and finding I lose hours absorbed in the stories, the minutia, making timelines and creating a flow. A humbling experience that at times seems so overwhelming but I am thoroughly enjoying the new “creativity bug” that has bitten….now to just find more time to read, blog, paint, live, etc…..thanks for being patient with me my friends, working my way around to visit. Peace and blessings, K

Photo taken looking up through the ceiling of the butterfly conservatory in Key West a few years back.