Spaces blue

We meet in the middle

intersecting thoughts collide

as star-dust falls

into being

self flowing through

the blue hued moments of silence

we become ever more aware

by simply being

and doing that which comes

naturally from somewhere,

speckled backdrop of worlds beyond

we connect without words

with out need of power

to the right or wrong,

just watching as it all falls away

like molasses slow and thick,

there is greatness in the movement of clouds

and we reach out for that which we see

knowing the illusion is built

on moisture and light we move through

no stopping at the sign

for the emptiness bade us go

like the green light touch

as the sun drips down

splashing into a new day somewhere

other than here,

we feast our eyes upon the heavens

devouring the mystery

we lick our lips sated,

and smile at the abundance

we hold.