Like a box having sat in its space

dust gathers round it as days pass,

flickering motes in the noon day light-

removal shows the shape

of what is now

no longer in that  sacred place.

There is emptiness there now.

If we didn’t know about the box,

would we upon finding the blankness,

wonder what it was that had been there?

Beautiful images fill our minds

creating experience as if being there live,

we know it exists for we see

the colors and flicker of imaginary light,

the waves before our eyes we hold

in our memory store,

kept on shelves where dust settles

we remove them when we remember

or need to touch the magic once more,

to feel the something there

that is no longer.

Alphabetized in each day we find

an empty space….

and optimistically we hope

though knowing the dust in time

will scatter on the winds that come,

but the memory still remains

of a face

and words told across miles

living through the eyes with which we see,

creating our own ideas and images-

though we no longer physically gaze upon it,

the presence is still felt

through hints of greens and purples,

like watercolors dotted with flickering stars

that still shine on when we close our eyes

and picture the soul

depleted of breath

we shake out the bones

waiting for the sign

in the clean empty place surrounded by the dust,

we hold tight to the emotion felt

and give a quiet nod

to the emptiness that remains.

Upon opening my daily reads today and feeling the void of a Gravatar that stands second in line alphabetically….sigh…..I think of the aurora borealis and although I have never seen it in real life, I know it’s still out there and that someday I will partake in the sight of its beauty, in the meantime, knowing with a touch, I can bring it magically to life, for I know where to find it…..patience grasshopper….patience I tell myself.