We move like music

swaying to the ticking and tocking of the minutes

watching skies for mighty views

eclipsed in our thoughts

living a simple day moment

we drift or wishes through the skies

as colors shift high in trees,

wondering at the lack

as a white feather touches down.

Dampness clings to fragile tines

and we move through the haze of humid air

without a care

except to find a cool respite,

opening doors and letting in light

we search for meaning in the little things,

peaceful flowing days move us

through the necessity that finds

a quiet breath in the sweeping,

the wiping clean the slate

to start again.

On our morning walk I was looking for the lunar eclipse, not knowing if I’m even close to its path and remarked about the lack of birds around this time of year, usually inundated with large white sea birds and was amused to see two whistling ducks in a tree, one dropping down quite close to us, and then finding a white feather a few minutes later. The ducks are brown, not white but it was a nice walk, although humid and warm. Just acknowledging the day-to-day moments and the changes that find us unexpectedly and feeling in a way, just so very blessed.