We leave behind
pieces of ourselves
often similar yet different
in their make or model
like car brands do we see
the value for color
interior a must
a comfortable time spent
in the company-
could be a relic
or shiny and new
but we reach out to touch
the exterior
listening to the hum of voice
soothed by the sound
like a familiar tune
played on the system
and we sit protected
as the elements gather beyond
seeking to slow us down
to take care
paying attention to the signs,
we move along down the road
seeing what there is to see
beyond the glass that fogs
as the rain falls down
changing cool to warmth
as goodness radiates
and the sun returns
we welcome and slip the top down
feeling the wind through our hair
smiling as we move
beneath the canopy
into shade.

Not sure where this came from, but was thinking of fingerprints (as I spent the morning wiping some off door jambs, etc….and how like cars, each one is different and unique-guess I’m on a mental road trip, ha! Peace and blessings, K