Hearts and horses,
once broken can never
return to their selves,
simplistic and wild
tamed to the hand
waiting for contact
a soothing touch
owner and owned
as something missing
sits on the sidelines
like unspoken words
and change is hanging
on the line.
There is no expectation
in the docile ghost
that lingers a relic
of what’s long forgotten,
a pet led along
we wonder where the wolf has gone
in eyes that gaze beyond,
seeing something unspoken
something beyond comprehension
for the wild will remember
tucked away in memory
before there was that moment
when will was surrendered
but the faith lies strong
that the truth will rise up
and change will break free
and broken will be
merely a word
meaning a falacy.

Driving to work today, broken hearts and horses filled my mind, did not have time to pull over and jot it down, so now reflecting, this is the cream that rises to the top….in a good place, just letting loose the mind before sleep conquers. Peace and blessings and counting down to Mondays eclipse…if I could do back flips I would….there is an excitement and a strong desire for cleansing change, listening to the wind. ๐Ÿ’œ

Bagel lore

We arm ourselves for battle
sustenance after a cool short walk
braced with fists of metal
smoothing the edges
like a cake master at play
shiver me timbers
and butter me bagels
fine sir.
The smell of freshness fills the air
warmth of ovens
click on and off calling
for their quarry
enter ye smallish tan round orbs
and I shall bake the flatness out of ye,
make big, strapping yeast wheels
to make a blind man see,
aye I will he says with a sneer
breakfast time draws near.
No worry for high winds
nor restless seas
just a high diddle dee dee….
it’s lovies’ bagel time for we.

Next up…..

argh…perhaps just one more bagel. And while yer at it, a slice of that fine homemade key lime pie with Oreo crumb crust…and don’t ferget the whippy cream on top ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a bit of whimsy today as I woke to love making his homemade bagels which were grazed upon after our walk and then to top it off with his pie that I didn’t get any of last night due to the work thingy….Yay, life is good.