Building goodness

We work with hands
and souls
adding a bit of this and that
the scents of life fill the air
as we roll out the goodness
like welcome mats,
in joy we move fluidly
twirling to the sounds
of the wind that blows,
the heart filled
overflowing with the sense
of coming home.
Flying skies bring gifts
and time will move a bit slower
waiting for days
and smiling faces
meeting with the hope and love
shared with souls who speak
through ink and key,
as the spirit moves us
united we stand
cut from the cloth
and pieced together
the garment of a sky
spread with diamonds wished upon
and crescent moons punched out
leaving the clouds jealous
of the glow.
We are building goodness
with peace and love
prayer and hope
for a new day richer
with the lightness of a giving heart.