In shadows

In the flicker of movement
caught in the spaces where shadows reside
light filters in to seek us
dreamers standing in summer breezes
paying homage to the end of days.
We hear the whisper of crossing winds
swaying palms like native skirts dancing
back and forth hypnotize
mesmerize our minds in this quiet
where peace slips in
and we find the awareness
of everything and anything
within and without.
We escape into the darkness,
journeymen taking steps
following the prints found
from those who came before
and I wonder do those who fell behind
seek out the newest indentation,
wondering who came before them
and round the cycle goes
beach walkers lost in thought
as the waves move in and out.
The ocean
exhaling as we step within
brushes our toes with its watery breath
caressing us in its motion
as we sink down in
feeling the tiny shells and sand
knowing we are just a small part
of all we see
and the skies decorated with wisps of cotton
changing color as each moment passes,
we breathe in the salt of air
and let our thoughts drift
like bobbing boats
with blinking lights
slowly moving out of view
into the horizon.

Can never get enough of this place.