Casting shadows

We box with the darkness
fighting the shadows of thought
moving like banks of cloud
drifting through soundlessly,
covering the soul in its silky threads.
We create the images within,
salvation a necessity,
taking ourselves to places far
and escaping the words that jab and thrust
meant to create ugliness
we search instead for light.
Through painted smiles we see
the truth will always rise like cream
swimming on surfaces suspended
held by the hope of a thousand beings
as we stir the pot
trying to bring up yet more
changing the grey thick brine
to a tolerable shade,
swimming in the shallows
we touch feet to ground
yet often wonder how long it will last,
as it trembles like set custard
we take a step forward
trusting in the higher being
to save us from the nightmare,
to deliver us to
the dream.