I was going to post an image of Irma but being a fan of manifesting, decided to switch gears and put a beautiful pic instead. Nature has been finding me lately, a stunning butterfly yesterday, various blue feathers (blue jay), a shiny beetle glinting in the sun and a rare appearance from Mr. Slithers the snake.
I’ve been out of the WP as you can see, preparing as best as we can for Irma. I’d like to politely tell Irma to go away but I fear she won’t listen.
We have food, water, pet supplies and a roof over our heads. The hurricane shutters (always affectionately known as wavy gravy plastic) are always up so now to the mix has been added the hurricane cloth that covers the front small lanai that leads into our double doors (mostly glass) and one that spans the back lanai to help protect the 3 sets of glass sliding doors there. I expect the power to go out at some point and may be weeks they say till restored. If you don’t see me, I hope that is the reason why….be positive, I know that will be the reason why. We live in South Venice FL a mile from the coast. We are in evacuation zone C. We would need storm surge 15-25 feet for them to tell us to leave and as of now, it won’t be that high. We will have very strong winds in excess of 100 miles an hour for hours….so come on folks, say it with me….Irma, you will peter out to 60 miles an hour or less by the time you get here, okay? This will most likely be my last post unless something changes and Irma collapses and dissipates into mist ❤ but just wanted to keep you all in the loop of whats happening here in our paradise. Send prayers and manifest some good juju for us if you would, our gas tank is filled and when it clears we can go joyriding that we made it. Hugs and love from me, the hubby and the fur babies ❤