Beyond the day

He sends me Jesus in the curve

past the point where darkness slips in,

chasing thoughts like leaves in a spin

spiraling down like rain in a frenzy,

how had I forgotten

as I rush about filling the minutes

with something,

anything to soothe the mind

as fear carries my mind away on the wind.

We sit watching through windows

strands slamming back and forth

like beads in hands of a child

as the parade passes on

the colors move like ripples

shining beacons of a new memory.

Voices across miles take me into shelter,

safe in the deep breaths calming

as we sit on a concrete island

surrounded by fury

tamed by none,

and they say the Seminoles came

blessings this place and keeping safe

from destruction and I’ve stood

amongst their burial mounds

saying prayers and though I did not know

this urban legend till after

I can feel the strength of nature

in feathers laying at my feet.

I gather them up,

the storm talisman

and watch the fireflies bob and weave,

and the butterflies linger perhaps

watching the pink scarf of coolness around my neck,

I wonder where it is that they go

when the might and howling waltzing winds spin

round and round

one two three one two three

breathing in and out

I let it go

and slide into a sleep surreal.

An image of the eclipse sent  to me from my Dad, telling me he found Jesus and sent him to us for protection. Thanks Dad, it is a sigh so incredible. Thoughts on the hurricane, hope you enjoy.