Rippled colors fill in gaps
caught between dreams and smiling glances
we steal away into the deepest places
where hearts beat like drums
in circles round fire.
We gather our strength
returning to the core
of what we know and had for but a moment
forgotten in that blip
like turning off the switch
we change channels
rediscovering silence
journeying within to find
the piece of peace
that was left behind.
We gather the twigs,
dry fodder for fuel
stacking like castles
higher to the sky
and lighting the soul
with the internal flame,
come alive to dance this dance
of a beautiful day
in the life.


Taking some time today as the thunder rumbles in the background, finding delicate gems of writing from some time ago and thought I’d showcase one that touched me. Sheldon was a light when I felt the darkness and I appreciate the bridge of communication. Enjoy and stop in for a visit for some good reads and views of his collages.

Sheldon Kleeman

Its a grand departure
into the great unknown

With uncertainty at my side
i go cautionlessly
down the path

Though lite guides me

I still fear what lies ahead

I know now i have
more experience
with all the twists
and turns of the path

Its still speaks in ways
i shouldnt listen

Yet i need to hold
the hand of life and
not question its reason

For i wouldnt be here
now if there wasnt
a hand to hold

Still with all it is
For all i know

I still fear the
human inside me
instead of following
the lite i have been shown

Please help me

Let me pray for
your strength

For now i walk
your bridge
time and l

For now is not to waste
because this is all the time i have

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