Taking some time today as the thunder rumbles in the background, finding delicate gems of writing from some time ago and thought I’d showcase one that touched me. Sheldon was a light when I felt the darkness and I appreciate the bridge of communication. Enjoy and stop in for a visit for some good reads and views of his collages.

Sheldon Kleeman

Its a grand departure
into the great unknown

With uncertainty at my side
i go cautionlessly
down the path

Though lite guides me

I still fear what lies ahead

I know now i have
more experience
with all the twists
and turns of the path

Its still speaks in ways
i shouldnt listen

Yet i need to hold
the hand of life and
not question its reason

For i wouldnt be here
now if there wasnt
a hand to hold

Still with all it is
For all i know

I still fear the
human inside me
instead of following
the lite i have been shown

Please help me

Let me pray for
your strength

For now i walk
your bridge
time and l

For now is not to waste
because this is all the time i have

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7 thoughts on “Arrival/Departure

  1. thanks Tre ❤ I’ve been following him since almost my beginning I think…been so long, he emailed me during the storm and sent such inspiring light and thoughts….kept me calm when I didn’t think it was at all possible ❤ as did you my friend ❤

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  2. you’re welcome Sheldon, it’s nice work and I had a bit of time for some reading….doesn’t happen very often these days but I slept so good last night with the most beautiful dreams, felt like a new person when I woke, feeling light and aware and in tune….ah…bliss ❤

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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